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Yoga Classes

anyone can practise yoga. You don’t need special equipment or clothes-just a small amount of space and a strong desire for a healthier. More fulfilled life. The yoga postures or azans exercise every part of body. Stretching and toning the muscles and joints. the spine and the entire skeletal system. And they work not only on the body’s frame but on the internal organs, glands and nerves as well, keeping all systems in radiant health By releasing physical and mental tension. they also liberate vast resources of energy the yogic breathing exercises known as pranayama revitalize the body and help to control the mind, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed while the practice of positive thinking and meditation gives increased clarity. Mental power and concentration. yoga is a complete science of life that originated in india many thousands of years ago. It is the oldest system of personal development in the world encompassing body mind and spirit. the ancient yogis had a profound understanding of man’s essential ‘nature and of what he needs live in harmony with himself and his environment. they perceived the physical body as a vehicle with the mind as the driver the soul man’s true identity, and action emotion and intelligence as the three forces which pull the body-vehicle in order for there to be integrated development these three forces must be in balance taking into account the internal township between body and mind the formulated a unique method for maintaining this balance a method that combines all the movements you need for physical health with the breathing and meditation techniques that ensure peace of mind.


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