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Smartag Food Print

Smartag Foodprint, is based in Delhi, India with an office in the US.

Smartag staff have several years of combined experience in the areas of conducting Scientific field trials, Product positioning, Training and audit of Organic, Halal, and Sustainable farming certification process, Regulatory and Patent related matters, etc. in the Agribusiness domain.

We help build farmer/stakeholder competence in sustainable farm practices including product stewardship, safety health and environment etc. Smartag facilitates in the conduct and coordination of GLP/GAP compliant field trials in various field crops and tea etc.

Smartag team has extensive experience of working in various field crops across various geographies in India and overseas.

Smartag works with a group of highly skilled professional affiliates, as per need, to complement, our clients’ scope of work related to any geography or special need.

Smartag has extensive network of contacts in the Food and Agriculture sectors at the Government level and Private Industry in India.


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